Wearing A Bra To Bed – Is It Bad For Your Breasts?

Many women debate the question of whether wearing a bra to bed is bad for you or not. I’m gonna tell you right now. Its bad..
In order for your breast to grow, they need to be as free as possible. Restricting them while you sleep is not good for their health. But lets first take a look at how your breasts are structured and what they are composed of so you can get a clearer understanding of just what is happening inside your boobs.
Your breasts consist of mostly fat, some muscle and your mammary glands which are the glands that produce milk for your children. They also contain a highly developed lymphatic system which is responsible for channeling the flow of liquids other than milk in and out of your breast. Now consider the way that blood flows in and out of your boobs. When you sleep, blood flows naturally from the center of your chest into your breasts and then flows outward along the line of your armpit. When you wear a bra to bed, it restricts the flow of blood throughout your breast muscle which actually reaches all the way over to the front of your shoulder.
wearing a bra to bedThe whole idea of breast enhancement is not only to make your boobs bigger but to also make them healthier in every way. If you actually feel more comfortable wearing a bra to bed, you should consider other methods of supporting your breasts such as pillows, or you could simply let them just do their thing.
You weren’t born with a bra on you know. Wearing a bra to bed is not something I really ever did, but I could see why some girls might want to do it.
Just know that the way nearly every bra is designed is going to restrict the flow of your lymphatic system inside your breasts in some way while you sleep. Even sports bras do this. Just think about it like this. If you wanted your hair to grow, would you wear a hair net to bed?
Another important thing to mention is how bras actually can lead to saggier breast specifically if you’re wearing a bra to bed. Your breast tissues are so incredibly sensitive. You have to understand what is happening to them when you do put a bra on before you go to sleep. The bra tightens the tissues in your boobs and forces them to tear easier when they are put under pressure such as when you wiggle around in your sleep.
Studies have shown that this tension and tearing of your breast tissues can lead to you having saggy breasts sooner in you life then you ever wanted. I like to think of it like a water balloon kinda. When you roll a loose water balloon around it doesn’t have that much problem transferring or displacing the water that is inside of it. If you were to press down on it like you were rolling dough however, you would be putting an immense about of pressure and tension not only of the water inside but also the skin of the balloon its self.
Remember that being able to make your boobs bigger is going to require you to follow all the proper techniques and pay attention to everything that is going on in your breasts.

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