The Risks and Side Effects of Lip Fillers

In history it has been well documented that a beautiful face means a beautiful smile and this in turn means a full pouty mouth with lips as shown by the beautiful Angelina Jolie. So many women have tried and failed to get kips just like this including resorting to drastic measures such as lip fillers which although have worked for so many in the past, can occasionally go wrong. If you are taking a closer look in to the world of lip fillers then you must appreciate the rare risks and side effects that can happen. Just take a look at some of favorite celebrities with their “trout pout” to understand!

Although there are millions of women that have been perfectly happy with their lip fillers, there are cases where it can go wrong. Of course the main way that you can ensure that your procedure goes to plan is to use a reliable and reputable consultant that will sit down and talk to you about the procedure that you are going to have done and also to ask any questions and queries that you may have. Your consultant should actually advise you of the things that can go wrong so that you can better recover from it if it does happen.

One of the things that can go wrong with lip fillers is the lips are injected too much. This can result in a rather lump appearance or the famous trout pout look that let’s face it, no woman really wants. There is a big difference between beautiful big lips and lips that look as if they would be best suited to a fish! Of course, this can go the other way. What happens if the lip fillers are not injected enough? Again there can be a rather bumpy texture to the lip with ridges which is not really the look that you should be aiming for!

In some very rare cases the lip fillers have been injected far too aggressively and when this happens the lips can look and feel very hard with again, an uneven texture to them.

There are some common effects that you can expect from lip fillers but these side effects usually die down in just a few short days. The lips and the surrounding area will be red and rather tender to the touch and not only that, there can be bruising and bleeding that can last in some cases for up to a couple of weeks.

Although there are many risks and side effects that should be taken into account with lip fillers, the chances of something going wrong if you use a good reliable consultant is very slight so make sure that you do your research and find out all that there is to know about the people that you are using to get your perfect lips before you go ahead and have the procedure.

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