Everybody is attracted to bigger breasts

Today there is a lot of emphasis on the perfect body. Everything needs to be neat and well proportioned. We have all sorts of magazines showing female bodies as skinny and flat breasted. But still females crave a cleavage. Even though media portrayed all females as stick like with no upper bosom, girls still want bigger breasts.

Are all men attracted to bigger breasts?

Do girls of today feel inadequate if they are flatter on top?

How to get bigger breast?

Its a sad society we live in that allows girls to feel they have to alter them selves to attract a mate. I am firmly against surgery. I feel the girls of today need to take other things into account before they try surgery. For example the female body does not finish developing until you are 19 years of age. So you don’t now how much your breasts will develop till then.

Its important to wait until your fully grown to determine the size your breasts will become. If you are fully developed and still have only small breasts its important to look at the over all picture. As you go through life things change. Having a baby for instance creates breast tissue. Its important to remember your life path will change your breast shape. A breast feeding mum will have big breasts. Also if you put wait on at sometime in your life. Like I have you will develop bigger breasts. I am not suggesting you go out and get pregnant to get bigger breasts I am just alerting you to the natural changes that happen through life’s journeys. If you can not wait for these life events to alter your breast tissue there is help on hand from ‘Breast Actives.’ its a non surgical approach to breast enlargement. I am very concerned about girls rushing to have surgery thinking that it is the only answer for them. Do you really want silicon implants stuck inside your breasts.

Breast Enhancement

Breast enlargement









Implants have to be pushed inside the breast tissue and remain there. This can lead to many problems especially with getting both breasts to look the same. I am sure you have heard many horror stories about what can go wrong during and after surgery. Its a very serious procedure. Its not like having your ears pierced. If all goes well with the surgery you should have equal balanced larger breasts. Then latter in life when you have children or put on weight your breasts could look out of balance again. Then there is more surgery to correct these new problems. Where do we draw the line, ‘how to make boobs bigger’. Don’t be forced into it by other people. Be kind to your body try ‘boost your bust.’ instead. Its a totally natural way of increasing you breast size.


I can understand that breast surgery has its place. For breast reductions for people who’s backs are in bad pain because there breasts are to big. Or for reconstructions after a car crash or cancer, this is not a website designed to be negative towards breast surgeons. They do a good job of helping a lot of women get back out in to society and feel good. But if you are looking to increase your breast size and just your breast size why not try a natural approach such as ‘boost your bust.’ it can increase your breast size by two cup sizes in a totally natural way.


The breast is designed for one thing only and that is breast feeding. This shape size and proportion of the breast does not bother a baby. We tend to forget the simple things in life and get caught up in the small details. Messing about with implants could cause problems when you come to breast feed your baby. If we look at the structure of a breast you can see how delicate they are. Inside the breast is milk ducts and milk glands. These structures are invaluable for breast feeding and they increase in size during pregnancy. The process of pregnancy increases female hormones in the body which causes enlargement of the ducts and glands and the nipples become bigger and darker in colour.


If we consider a smaller breasted women would we want to see a more curvier breast upon her body, bearing in mind these breasts will work just as well for breast feeding as any other.

Is it all about male appeal?

Should we girls get dragged into all that. We should be able to feel happy with our bodies and be thankful they work properly.

What is stopping us feeling good about our breasts what ever the size?

I myself was flat chested through out my teen and early adult life. I gained more breast after child birth and went on to gain again went I put on weight.

I feel it is important for use girls to look after our bodies and not go around with rose coloured spectacles believing that implants are all sweetness and light. It is a serious operation that you need to heal after. Be kind to yourself and consider all the options such as ‘boost your bust’ before you embark upon that path. I can not stress any more the need to love your body.

If it works properly why change it?

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