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Natural Breast Enlargement Pills

On almost every media one can find natural breast enlargement pills being advertised in the most attractive manner. These pills are used because they give estrogen like effects. And estrogen for breast enlargement is essential as well. Benefits of using such pills are stated to be as follows.

Such pills enlarge the breast and put at rest the feeling of insecurity among women relating to their breasts.
They help retain the natural breast enlargement even after child birth, weight loss and also after removal of breast implants.
It spares the problems and pains relating to surgery of breast that could also bring up a few associated problems for the woman undergoing such surgeries.

Best Breast Enhancement Products

The methods we researched consisted of popular pills. The result is a comprehensive detailed review of the top 2 best performing breast enhancement pill and cream combination products. If you’re looking to increase breast size naturally — these top happening products can give you the best results available anywhere.

#1 Breast Actives

breast activesManufactured and marketed by Marketh Health, Inc, Breast Actives comprises of herbal pills, a clinically proven cream and an exercise routine. Both the cream and the pill contain a blend of all natural plant-based ingredients which are high in Phytoestrogens.

Phytoestrogens is similar to estrogen hormone which reacts with estrogen receptors in the breasts to enlarge and enhance female boobs without causing any side effects.

Breast Actives cream works externally and the oral pills and exercise routine boosts growth from within. Our research concludes that user satisfaction rate for Breast Actives is highest among all products we tested. Past users have reported Breast Actives to be superior to any other breast enhancer available at the moment.

Being all natural the results are reported to come slower but they are well worth the wait. Further it doesn’t have any side effects that come with surgical procedures.

  • Perkier, larger and younger looking breasts
  • Clinically proven permanent breast enhancement
  • All natural
  • Works on all areas: thighs, buttocks, legs and arm
  • Effective for women of all ages
  • Side effect free

Bottom line:

Breast Actives case studies show that this product works well for breasts affected by weight loss, childbirth and even for older women with sagging breast. Upon verifying with past user testimonials we found best and long lasting results come with 4-5 months of usage.

Breast Actives Review


#2 Miracle Bust

miracle bustMiracle Bust is yet another popular breast enlargement program which we found to help increase women’s bust size. Miracle Bust supplement consists of pills that work by stimulating the growth of breast tissue. In the process, it also uplifts, firms and tightens the boobs.

The thirteen potent herbs used in Miracle Bust formula that help breast tissue to expand and grow are in the US FDA’s GRAS list – Generally Recognized as Safe. This at home remedy comes in as a close third in our ratings. We found Miracle Bust to be effective for women having under-developed or small size breast for different causes.

  • All natural
  • Side effect free

Bottom Line:

Miracle Bust is not a cheap program but is one of the cost-effective ways to enhance size naturally at home. The only drawback we found with this supplement is that results start to appear slower than with Breast Actives.

Miracle Bust Review

Working and Safety Issues with Pills

In essence; these pills work like estrogen for breast enlargement.

Theoretically the pills are ok because they contain herbs that have some known estrogen like effects on the human anatomy.
Birth control pills also work to enlarge the breasts temporarily just like the estrogen.
Estrogen causes fluid retention in breasts and could have effect on the tissue in the breast of women.
Despite the fact that there are some evidences about breast enlargement pills working, there is no evidence that they are safe.
In addition; there is no long term safety guarantee with the breast enhancement pills.

Effects of Pills that Work Like Estrogen

Estrogen is a natural element and whatever effect it has is also natural. Estrogen for breast enlargement is therefore a natural process. On the other hand pills that have estrogen like effect are not natural estrogens and may have some safety issues involved. Though estrogen in natural element, it can stimulate the growth of tissues in the uterus and can promote uterine cancer. However, it has not been clinically established that breast enlargement pills can really stimulate growth of the uterine tissues. In addition; there is also no evidence whether breast enlargement pills interfere with some natural traits in women anatomies like fertility, menstruation etc.

Use of Herbs in Natural Breast Enhancement Pills

Herbs are used in the natural breast enhancement pills so that they would work like estrogen for breast enhancement. Common herbal ingredients in such pills are –

Blessed thistle that is used to increase flow of milk in the breast of woman. However, use of the same by pregnant woman could be dangerous.
Dong Quai, a Chinese herb is used to relieve menopausal symptoms and regulate menstrual cycles effectively.
Fennel seed, Fenugreek, and Hops are other herbal elements used to get the effect of estrogen for breast enhancement.


The Advantages of Breast Enlargement Supplements

Natural breast enhancement can help to increase the size, as well as the fullness of breasts, without the need for surgery. Many of the quality items that are on the market are derived from natural herbs, that have been used for hundreds of years for other purposes. Natural goods are also the least expensive option for breast enhancement.

Often herbs are free from side effects and therefore are gentle on the body, the results may not be instant, but with use over a fair amount of time, some women will discover reasonable results.

Another thing that natural breast enhancer products can offer will be the opportunity to use the products in the privacy of your own home. Which means you do not have to go through evasive procedures to get the desired results that you will be looking for.

Disadvantages of Breast Enhancement Pills

Probably the biggest disadvantage or chance of using a natural remedy to enhance your breasts is that the product may not work on you. If you make certain there is a money back guarantee, you will then be able to recover your cash and try another product if you wish.

Many professionals believe that by increasing levels of estrogen by using natural products may promote unhealthy breast growth in women. Although there is no cause-effect proof, some medical practitioners are wary about using methods such as herbal natural breast enlargement products.

Different Methods of Natural Breast enhancer

The majority of natural breast enhancer products come in the type of either pills or topical creams.

The pills contain herbs that are known to enhance, enlarge, and set breast tissue. It is recommended that when women take natural herbs that they drink plenty of water with them, also to get maximum results lead a healthy lifestyle, consisting of a good diet and frequent exercise.

Topical creams are rubbed gently on the breast when recommended, that is daily. The creams do very similar thing as the pills, herbs are put into a base that is easily made available to the skin, allowing the cream to enter into the tissue of the breast and help to enhance and firm it.

There are also shakes, which contain natural herbal solutions in them, designed to be easily digestible and quickly absorbed by those taking them.

The main herbs that are present in natural remedies for breast enlargement are Wild Yam, Palmetto, and Fenugreek; many of these herbs naturally contain phytoestrogens. These phytoestrogens are much like the naturally occurring estrogens which can be produced by the body, but tend to be far weaker than the real thing.

Studies have figured that by using these herbs, they not just increase the breast size in certain women, but they decrease the symptoms of menopause, relieve constipation, control diabetes, prevent cancer, and aid in reducing cholesterol.


For a scientific viewpoint on exactly how and why herbs work for medicinal uses, there is an excellent book called the Scientific Validation of Herbal Medicine by Daniel Mowry which goes into great detail on the natural pytochemicals (or plant chemicals) which certain botanicals contain. As modern science has revealed, these natural plant chemicals have powerful medicinal value and have actually formed the basis of many of our present-day medical drugs.

Many people already use herbs and are familiar with the very well-known herbs in breast pill formula. But if you would like to understand more about the herbs in the formula, we’ve presented some information on the traditional use of the specific herbs in breast enhancement pills.


Blessed Thistle (Cnicus Benedictus)
Blessed Thistle, also called Holy Thistle, reportedly derived its name from its successful use as a smallpox cure in medieval Europe and for its other powerful properties. The 17th century herbalist, Culpepper, referred to Blessed Thistle as an effective treatment for headaches, fever and female complaints. Historical uses also include support for the kidneys, gallbladder, liver, and spleen as well as normal brain function.

Damiana (Turnera aphrodisiaca)
Originally from Mexico, Damiana was named mizib-coc by the Mayan Indians and was used for lung health, dizziness and increasing sex drive. The herb’s reputation for arousing sexual desire gave the herb its second Latin name (aphrodisiaca). Today, Damiana is primarily used for female complaints and is well known for restoring the body’s vital energies, even when exhausted. Other general uses include kidney, sinus, lung and nervous system support.


Dandelion Root (Taraxacum officinale)
Also called Lion’s Tooth, Priest’s Crown and Puffball, the common Dandelion is a native of Greece and thrives under almost any conditions, enabling this hardy plant to spread to nearly every part of the world. The Latin name for Dandelion (Taraxacum) is taken from the Greek word taraxos (meaning disorder) and akos (meaning remedy). It’s believed that the name Dandelion was taken from the French, ‘dent de lion’ (teeth of the lion) because the jagged leaf of the plant resembles lion’s teeth.

Dandelion is perhaps best know for its ability to support the liver and to purify and cleanse the blood. Dandelion is also an excellent natural source of potassium which contains rich sources of sodium and other natural salts, as well as calcium, making it an excellent electrolyte balancer. Dandelion is widely cultivated in France where the roots are cooked as a vegetable; in Germany, dandelion leaves are used in salads. Dandelion greens are said to contain 7,000 units of vitamin A per ounce and are considered to be an excellent survival food.


Dong Quai (Angelica sinensis)
Dong Quai has an extremely long history of use, particularly in China and Japan, dating back to 588 B.C. Principally used for female complaints, Dong Quai is also used to promote normal blood circulation, blood pressure, colon function, lung, pituitary, kidney and lymphatic system support. Its traditional uses in relation to women include reported benefits for hormone balancing, menopause and nervous system.


Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis)
Lemon balm, a mild sedative with a delicate lemon scent and flavor, has been used throughout history as a medical herb. A native to southern Europe, it is a perennial that grows to a height of about two feel with small light blue to white flowers that appear in late spring to midsummer. Charlemagne once ordered lemon balm planted in every monastery garden because of its beauty. Before the Middle Ages, lemon balm was used to lift the spirits, reduce anxiety and help heal wounds.


MotherWort (Leonurus cardiaca)
Known as an important herb since the time of the Roman empire, MotherWort (Mother’s Word) derives its Latin name from the Greek word meaning Lion’s tail, which describes the shaggy shape of the plants’ leaves. Motherwort tea has long been used as excellent support for the heart and female complaints. Mother Wort has been found to be helpful for maintaining normal feminine cycles, sleeping patterns and nervous system function.


Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens)
Used for generations in America, Saw Palmetto or Sabal actually dates back to the Mayan civilization. When eaten, Saw Palmetto berries have a definitive regulating and beneficial effect on weight, disposition, reproductive functions and appetite.

This versatile plant provides a wide range of benefits for women. As a nutritive supplement, Saw Palmetto has been historically used to promote normal bust development and to also assist the thyroid in regulating sexual development. Saw Palmetto is also well known for its calming effect on the nerves.


Wild Yam (Dioscorea villosa)
Wild Yam is a root that is harvested from the ground much like a potato. The medicinal value of Wild Yam has been known for hundreds of years but it was in 1942 that the chemist Russel E. Marker was able to isolate a compound from the herb that produced a synthetic form of progesterone. Also known as Colic Root, Rheumatism Root and Chinese Yam, Wild Yam has been found to contain diosgenin, a progesterone-like precursor which is helpful in relieving menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes. Historically, specific female problems such as irregular, painful menstruation, female hormone imbalances and menstrual cramps have responded well to Wild Yam.



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Wearing A Bra To Bed – Is It Bad For Your Breasts?

Many women debate the question of whether wearing a bra to bed is bad for you or not. I’m gonna tell you right now. Its bad..
In order for your breast to grow, they need to be as free as possible. Restricting them while you sleep is not good for their health. But lets first take a look at how your breasts are structured and what they are composed of so you can get a clearer understanding of just what is happening inside your boobs.
Your breasts consist of mostly fat, some muscle and your mammary glands which are the glands that produce milk for your children. They also contain a highly developed lymphatic system which is responsible for channeling the flow of liquids other than milk in and out of your breast. Now consider the way that blood flows in and out of your boobs. When you sleep, blood flows naturally from the center of your chest into your breasts and then flows outward along the line of your armpit. When you wear a bra to bed, it restricts the flow of blood throughout your breast muscle which actually reaches all the way over to the front of your shoulder.
wearing a bra to bedThe whole idea of breast enhancement is not only to make your boobs bigger but to also make them healthier in every way. If you actually feel more comfortable wearing a bra to bed, you should consider other methods of supporting your breasts such as pillows, or you could simply let them just do their thing.
You weren’t born with a bra on you know. Wearing a bra to bed is not something I really ever did, but I could see why some girls might want to do it.
Just know that the way nearly every bra is designed is going to restrict the flow of your lymphatic system inside your breasts in some way while you sleep. Even sports bras do this. Just think about it like this. If you wanted your hair to grow, would you wear a hair net to bed?
Another important thing to mention is how bras actually can lead to saggier breast specifically if you’re wearing a bra to bed. Your breast tissues are so incredibly sensitive. You have to understand what is happening to them when you do put a bra on before you go to sleep. The bra tightens the tissues in your boobs and forces them to tear easier when they are put under pressure such as when you wiggle around in your sleep.
Studies have shown that this tension and tearing of your breast tissues can lead to you having saggy breasts sooner in you life then you ever wanted. I like to think of it like a water balloon kinda. When you roll a loose water balloon around it doesn’t have that much problem transferring or displacing the water that is inside of it. If you were to press down on it like you were rolling dough however, you would be putting an immense about of pressure and tension not only of the water inside but also the skin of the balloon its self.
Remember that being able to make your boobs bigger is going to require you to follow all the proper techniques and pay attention to everything that is going on in your breasts.

Natural Breast Enhancement

Many women are unaware of the fact that natural breast enhancement is completely possible. In fact, natural breast enhancement has been achieved by women even in ancient cultures using natural herbal remedies. It is no secret that when you are looking to grow, you should turn to mother nature. Our environment has every herbal substance and natural stimulant you could possibly ask for. Scientist have known this for centuries, and they have always tried to derive medicines and supplements from every different new and unusual plant they could find. Recently, there was a certain herbal serum developed for all-natural breast enlargement that has received a lot of praise from the scientific community for its potency.

what are breasts

This all-natural breast enhancement serum is called Breast Actives. It is made with an intense herbal compound that acts much like a muscle relaxer in that it works to penetrate deep inside of your chest when rubbed onto the skin of your breast. The serum stimulates nerves inside your breasts that are essential receptors of estrogen. This opens up blood flow through out your entire breast promoting natural growth. If you would like to learn more and receive a 25% discount on Breast Actives, visit my clinically proven page.



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How To Make Boobs Bigger

The fact of the matter is there are natural options for growing your breasts. You do not have to go ahead and get surgery just to make your breasts more plump. Honestly if somebody told you: “Hey, you do not want to get surgery there is a 30% chance you will need to get more surgery afterwards, would you do it?
Well I’m telling you now. Thirty percent of all patients who seek breast surgery end up needing to go back a second time to correct flaws. Why even bother with these odds when you have the natural option.
I know some of you may be non-believers of natural breast growth but, it is real and many women are experiencing it as we speak. As I have said before, I have dedicated my site to and about breast enhancement.
The site tells you everything you need to know about making your breast larger from what herbal supplements to take, what massages and workouts you should do, right down to your actual diet.

Make Your Boobs Bigger With Herbal Serums

In my personal opinion having an herbal breast serum to rub into your breasts is so incredibly essential. For one, having the serum forces you to massage your breasts on a daily basis. This is key in stimulating blood flow throughout your breast. When You stimulate your breasts like this estrogen is released which as we all know, is the natural female hormone that is solely responsible for the growth of your body.
Now I know there are a ton of different herbal breasts serums out there for you to choose from. Trust me I have personally sampled a lot of them and the only one that even met my standards was Up A Cup. In fact Up A Cup blows the competition away.
They have a patent on there ingredients which is a combination of the purest P.mirifica you can possible find in Thailand. Take a look at my post about what is in Up A Cup to learn a little bit more about this special ingredient.The thing about this herb is that it is extremely delicate and yields the purest derivatives at certain times of year and only in certain places in Thailand as you will see in that post. It is kind of like sushi. You can find sushi restaurants all over the place but, only in certain towns will they have the best catch.

There is a special super supplement that can help women grow their breast bigger. This website explains which top ten foods can be eaten to increase breast growth. Then there is the delicious recipes for meals that will grow your breasts. This product is gentle and kind to the body. You have five breast exercises to do, there is a breast enlargement cream you can use at home and clothes fashion secrets of ‘how to make boobs bigger.’ then there is the super growth routine which increases your breast size by two cup sizes. It takes a matter of about five weeks to increase your bust size and the designer of the website talks a lot about attracting the opposite sex with her new curves. She is fond of talking about attracting men. In fact she says ‘you finally start getting more attention from gorgeous men.’


She also guarantees that her product will make your breasts grow like crazy. The product I refer to is a breast enhancement pill and cream with scientific research. It also contains step-by-step ways of growing your breasts two cup sizes. There is an instant free trial order, just click the button to learn more.

breast enhancement cream


recommended ways to increase bust size


You to can reach a c cup after five to eight weeks of doing the exercises and eating certain food types. It is really easy to do. It does not cost to much and is defiantly cheaper than surgery and more gentle for the body. No nasty scares under the breast no after surgery visits. It is just a slow natural growing process until you are a bigger cup size. Any girl can feel free to try this new way of increasing breast size with out any fears, its totally natural and very effective. Don’t be afraid to give it a go.

Breast enhancement pills

Breast enlargement pills

Everybody is attracted to bigger breasts

Today there is a lot of emphasis on the perfect body. Everything needs to be neat and well proportioned. We have all sorts of magazines showing female bodies as skinny and flat breasted. But still females crave a cleavage. Even though media portrayed all females as stick like with no upper bosom, girls still want bigger breasts.

Are all men attracted to bigger breasts?

Do girls of today feel inadequate if they are flatter on top?

How to get bigger breast?

Its a sad society we live in that allows girls to feel they have to alter them selves to attract a mate. I am firmly against surgery. I feel the girls of today need to take other things into account before they try surgery. For example the female body does not finish developing until you are 19 years of age. So you don’t now how much your breasts will develop till then.

Its important to wait until your fully grown to determine the size your breasts will become. If you are fully developed and still have only small breasts its important to look at the over all picture. As you go through life things change. Having a baby for instance creates breast tissue. Its important to remember your life path will change your breast shape. A breast feeding mum will have big breasts. Also if you put wait on at sometime in your life. Like I have you will develop bigger breasts. I am not suggesting you go out and get pregnant to get bigger breasts I am just alerting you to the natural changes that happen through life’s journeys. If you can not wait for these life events to alter your breast tissue there is help on hand from ‘Breast Actives.’ its a non surgical approach to breast enlargement. I am very concerned about girls rushing to have surgery thinking that it is the only answer for them. Do you really want silicon implants stuck inside your breasts.

Breast Enhancement

Breast enlargement









Implants have to be pushed inside the breast tissue and remain there. This can lead to many problems especially with getting both breasts to look the same. I am sure you have heard many horror stories about what can go wrong during and after surgery. Its a very serious procedure. Its not like having your ears pierced. If all goes well with the surgery you should have equal balanced larger breasts. Then latter in life when you have children or put on weight your breasts could look out of balance again. Then there is more surgery to correct these new problems. Where do we draw the line, ‘how to make boobs bigger’. Don’t be forced into it by other people. Be kind to your body try ‘boost your bust.’ instead. Its a totally natural way of increasing you breast size.


I can understand that breast surgery has its place. For breast reductions for people who’s backs are in bad pain because there breasts are to big. Or for reconstructions after a car crash or cancer, this is not a website designed to be negative towards breast surgeons. They do a good job of helping a lot of women get back out in to society and feel good. But if you are looking to increase your breast size and just your breast size why not try a natural approach such as ‘boost your bust.’ it can increase your breast size by two cup sizes in a totally natural way.


The breast is designed for one thing only and that is breast feeding. This shape size and proportion of the breast does not bother a baby. We tend to forget the simple things in life and get caught up in the small details. Messing about with implants could cause problems when you come to breast feed your baby. If we look at the structure of a breast you can see how delicate they are. Inside the breast is milk ducts and milk glands. These structures are invaluable for breast feeding and they increase in size during pregnancy. The process of pregnancy increases female hormones in the body which causes enlargement of the ducts and glands and the nipples become bigger and darker in colour.


If we consider a smaller breasted women would we want to see a more curvier breast upon her body, bearing in mind these breasts will work just as well for breast feeding as any other.

Is it all about male appeal?

Should we girls get dragged into all that. We should be able to feel happy with our bodies and be thankful they work properly.

What is stopping us feeling good about our breasts what ever the size?

I myself was flat chested through out my teen and early adult life. I gained more breast after child birth and went on to gain again went I put on weight.

I feel it is important for use girls to look after our bodies and not go around with rose coloured spectacles believing that implants are all sweetness and light. It is a serious operation that you need to heal after. Be kind to yourself and consider all the options such as ‘boost your bust’ before you embark upon that path. I can not stress any more the need to love your body.

If it works properly why change it?

Body Shapes

We have talked about breast shape now lets talk about body shape. Are you a pear shape or an hourglass. This website is dedicated to getting you to feel happy with your body what ever your shape and size. Have you a straight, pear, spoon, hourglass, top hourglass, inverted triangle or an oval body type. Lets investigate the options. How to get bigger boobs

Body type                                                                Description

Straight body typeThe bust and hips are the same size. The waist is slightly smaller than the bust and hips.
Pear body typeThe hips are bigger than the bust, and the waist slopes out to the hips.
Spoon body typeThe hips are bigger than the bust and the hips. The waist is smaller than the bust.
Hourglass body typeThe bust and hips are the same size and your waist is well defined.
Top hourglass body typeThe bust is bigger than the hips and the waist is well defined.
Inverted triangle body typeThe bust is quiet large, the hips are narrow and the waist is not well defined.
Oval body typeThe waist is bigger than the bust and hips. The hips are narrow in comparison to the shoulders. Breasts are ample in size.


Once you have determined your body shape you can learn to dress yourself appropriately.


I hope this simple look at body type has helped you understand your own body better. As you can see there are clothes for every type. No one type is better than the other. Each body shape has its merits. Again I would like to say if you are looking to increase your breast size to alter your body type please try ‘boost your bust’ its a totally natural way to go up two cup sizes over a period of weeks. Its a totally gentle and non invasive way of altering your breast size. Its the best way to look at ‘how to get bigger boobs.

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Miracle Bust Review

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