How to get bigger breasts

How to make boobs bigger Fast at Home

A woman’s bust, and in this case how to get bigger boobs or make your breast bigger is a very sensitive topic for almost the entire population. It is one of the major things that most men will asses while checking out a woman physically and it is what every woman keeps thinking of in terms of if she measures up. It is a popular belief that bigger boobs attract more attention from men and boost a woman’s confidence while smaller boobs make the woman feel a little bit more invisible. While this may be a shallow view of women, it is what it is and that is why we are here to help you get your desired cup size.


how to get bigger boobs

How to get bigger boobs

Natural ways to increase your boobs size

Many ladies want to increase their bust size without having to go through surgery or any medical procedures. There are many such ways to do this and they include dietary adjustments, exercising and massages. So let’s see how to get bigger breast naturally fast at home. These are very simple and practical for anyone who wants to try them.

Bust enhancing exercises

Exercising is one of the most obvious ways to work on your body to get a desired body shape and tone. It is totally no exception for bust enhancing because there are a variety of exercises meant to grow your boobs and in a while you’ll have your desired cup size. Exercising boosts your breast size by building up the pectoral muscles as well as the glandular and fat tissue in your breasts. Performing these exercises makes your boobs look larger and well toned thus making your breasts look bigger. These magical exercises include the following;

· Push ups

This is the most popularly obvious exercise for your chest area. Place both your palms on the floor while supporting the weight of your body on your feet and arms. Lower yourself down by bending your elbow and push your body back up again. If this is too tasking to start with, you can begin by kneeling while doing the pushups then increase the complexity as you move on.

How to make boobs bigger

· Wall push ups

This is a slight variation of the regular pushups which is much easier. What happens here is that you use the wall to support your body as opposed to the floor. It is easy to do and should help achieve the desired rack.

How to get bigger boobs

· Dumbbell flys

You need to be lying down on a bench with your body facing upwards for this exercise. Hold dumbbells in both hands and stretch out both arms while they are parallel from each other. Lift the dumbbells over your body and slowly lower your arms back to the original position. Do this repeatedly a couple of times at once then take a break.

How to get bigger breasts

· Reverse dumbbell flys

This is a variation of the normal flys only that it will be slightly harder considering that you will be lying down facing the floor instead of upwards. Lying down on the bench or on a swiss ball if it is available, hold the dumbbells with your arms parallel hanging from the bench or swiss ball. Swing your arms outwards away from the floor then bring them back to the original position. Repeat these exercises a couple of times then take a break.

How to get bigger breast

· Chest dips

This simple exercise will do fantastic service to your chest muscles and triceps as well. This exercise can be done using a bench or the edge of a chair. Hold the weight of your body on both of your arms while supported against the bench or chair then lower your body by bending your elbows and before touching the ground, push your body back up again. This can also be done while squatting on the floor with your knees up and your palms on the floor.

How to increase breast size

· Elevated push ups

This is another variation of pushups with a slightly higher complexity but is so good for you because it works out most of your pectoral muscles. Elevate your legs using the edge of the sofa or a swiss ball while supporting your torso with your arms on your palms. Lower your body while bending your elbows and push yourself back up again.

Other general exercise practices would include weight lifting which would need to be doctored for different body types. This helps to strengthen and tone the muscles in and under the breasts.

how to get bigger breasts

How to get bigger breasts

In addition, swinging your arms clockwise and anticlockwise for ten counts each morning would be great in making your boobs grow bigger. Planking is also advised as a breast enhancing exercise. The most important bit would be getting expert opinion on what exercises to do before you get started.

Foods that will help you getting bigger breast

Breast size is directly influenced by hormones in our body such as estrogen and phytoesrogen. In order to fix any deficiency in any of these hormones, you can take fruits and foods that stimulate production of these hormones. So, what foods have estrogen? These dietary additions would include the following:

· Fruits, vegetables and whole grains

Eating fruits and green leafy vegetables is good for your health. Soy beans and soy milk are protein rich and high in isoflavones which mimics estrogen and thus enhances your breast size. Papaya juice and milk is also a surprisingly effective for growing bigger breast . Blending papaya with milk is a boom for increasing your breast size and maybe the best option to get bigger breasts naturally.

How to get bigger boobs

More fruits and vegetables that are abundant sources of phytoestrogen include carrots, chards, cucumbers, soybean sprouts, garlic, chick peas, and black-eyed peas among others.

Fruits rich in estrogen consist of cherries, apples, peaches, dried out prunes, strawberries, raspberries etc

Grains rich in estrogen include barley, wheat, rice, sunflower seeds and so on.

· Herbs and spices

Saw palmatto is a hormone regulating herb used by both men and women. It is advocated for because of its breast enhancement properties.

Fenugreek seeds have a good amount of estrogen and diosgenin which are known to encourage the production of the prolectin hormone that is great for breast growth. You could pop the seeds and chew on them or make a paste of these seeds and use it to massage your breasts. Fenugreek supplements could also bring in the desired effect at the correct dosage as prescribed by a doctor.

How to get bigger boobs

Fennel seeds are tasty to chew so that would be one way to have them or their powder or paste can be used as an addition to your meal. Popping the fennel seeds in oil would also make good massage oil for your breasts. These seeds have no many side effects but should not be consumed in excess. They are however a good choice since they are easily available.

Flax seeds are rich in phytoestrogen. They can be chewed or added to floor in making pastes together with other herbs for food preparation. Flaxseed is usable as massage oil or as salad topping. In addition to the phytoestrogen, flaxseed has flavanoid, omega 3 and 6 and fatty acids, they produce lignans also which act as oestrogen and thus cause your breast to increase in size.

· Healthy fats

Fats are not so bad for you and we all need to know that breasts are largely made of fat tissue. There are healthy fats that are available in foods that would go a long way in boosting your breast size. You however have to be careful that you do not end up putting on weight everywhere else so to do this you have to couple this up with workout. These fat rich foods would include the following; eggs, avocadoes, nuts, olive oil, fatty fish, peanut butter among others.


how to make boobs bigger

How to increase bust size with massage

One of the best and most effective ways to boost your bust is by having your breasts massaged. This works by stimulating blood flow to the chest and improve blood circulating in the area. Breast massage is done by rubbing the breasts in circular motion with your hands moving from outside the body towards the middle. Oil or breast cream should also be used and the routine repeated daily for best results. There are two types of breast enlargement massages which include;

· The chi massage

This is a very easy breast enhancing massage that you can do yourself in the shower or just while sitting around in the house. It is done by rubbing your hands together to generate some heat so that you are warm as you start the massage. Cup a hand over each breast, spread out your fingers to fully support your breasts. Move your breasts inwards in circular motion and in complete circles. This should be done for about 300 circles for each breast which is only about ten minutes in total, simple right?

· Fat transfer massage

Start off by warming your hands by rubbing them together to create warmth from the friction. Use breast massage oil or coconut oil on open hands, sweep fat from the waist and upper arms towards the breasts. This method works by moving fat deposits from your belly to the breasts which again is double advantage.

So far we have looked at natural breast enhancement methods that did not require any surgical procedures or any kind of medication whatsoever. We however can’t ignore the existence of these methods and here is how they work.

How to Make Breast Bigger with Breast Enhancement Supplements


Breast enhancement pills

how to get bigger boobs
The medical professionals have dedicated their time and effort to create effective bust enhancing pills that could increase your breast size about two cups larger. These breast enlargement pills are great since they also take into consideration other effects such as weight gain. These pills are composed of a combination of the natural herbs and seeds that make breasts grow bigger. These include saw palmetto, fenugreek, Mexican wild yam, fennel seed, Atlantic kelp, mother’s wort, dong quai, blessed thistle, among others. Some of the popular brands of breast enlarging pills include; Miracle BustBreast Actives, Up – A – Cup among others.

how to get bigger breast

Getting larger boobs with Breast enlargement creams

Breast enlargement creams work by creating unique blends of non-artificial components which are blended to a nice effective mixture that improves your breast and cup size in a short while. The common essential compositions are Sarsopogenin, Maceligan, and Mirofirm among others. Breast enhancement cream or serum will naturally instigate the development and extension of fatty tissues which are in charge of expanding your cup size.

breast enhancement cream

recommended ways to increase bust size

Artificial ways to increase breast size

Breast enhancing surgery

This is also known as breast augmentation, breast mammaplasty or breast implants. Breast augmentation surgery enhances the breast size by the use of artificial implants. These implants are either made of silicone gel or saline components or fat transfer in other cases. Breast augmentation is a popular and quite efficient cosmetic surgery which is loved for its positive results. Breast implant surgery is done under general anesthesia. The procedure involves making of an incision next to or below the breast, positioning the implant between the chest tissue and the chest muscle then finally stitching back the incision and dressing it up.

There are two kinds of implants:

Silicone gel implants

These are implants filled with soft or firm silicone gel. The firmer gel is called cohesive gel and some are coated with polyurethane coating. The advantages of these implants are that they are not as to wrinkle as the saline implants and also feel nearer natural. The ones that have polyurethane coating reduce the risk of the implant rotating making it safer. The risk involved with these implants would be the unfortunate occurrence of a rapture in which case the silicone gel would spread all over the breast tissue causing siliconomas.

Saline solution implants

These implants are made of a saline solution, and they have the advantage that in case they rupture the saline solution is safely absorbed into the body. The disadvantage is that these are more likely to rupture early and are also prone to wrinkling or folding. An additional disadvantage is that they feel less natural than soft silicone. Breast implants are very helpful in regaining breasts after mastectomy for breast cancer so as to help the victim bounce back from the traumatic experience.

It is not something to be embarrassed about if you do not love your breast size and there are so many options through which you can deal with the issue. The greatest piece of news is that these solutions cut across all economic classes and you will never be without an option for enhancing your breasts and making them bigger.